Data And Premises Security

NAVKAR ENTERPRISE provides security strategies that prevents unauthorized access to organizational assets such as computers, networks, and data. It maintains the integrity and confidentiality of sensitive information, blocking the access of sophisticated hackers and intruders. Our team makes sure that our client organisation is free from any security threat which could possibly bring loss of business. Our technical expertise in securing all important business aspect has been appreciated across industry.

Data Security

Data security and privacy risks are becoming more prominent in the business fabric of small to large organizations today. Businesses across the globe are facing productivity loss and are running at higher data security risk. Current data protection methods are rendered obsolete due to incessant growth in data generation and usage across multiple data silos in an organization. NAVKAR ENTERPRISE advisory based data-centric security service offers holistic technology solution to secure sensitive data in your organization across creation, use and transmission.

  • Identity & access management
  • Cyber security
  • Data encryption
  • Data backup & storage
  • Data restoration

CCTV Based Security

NAVKAR ENTERPRISE brings the latest cctv surveillance systems for small, medium and large business establishments. Our cctv surveillance systems include internationally accredited, technologically advanced cameras, digital video recorders and monitors. Each cctv surveillance system helps in detecting early signs of danger, and provides for visual proof of any security breaches.

  • Security audit
  • CCTV site mapping
  • CCTV live demo
  • CCTV maintenance & installation

Sensor Based Security

NAVKAR ENTERPRISE provides detectors identify and alert of intrusions within less than a second. The devices are equipped with digital algorithms and multi-factor models for threat detection, and to top it off, the possibility of a false alarm is ruled out.

  • Intrusion detection
  • Fire & smoke detection
  • Motion detector
  • Glass break detector
  • Alarm system

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Enterprise Security In New Age Technology Era

To secure mission-critical data, think beyond basic firewall and virus protection. Secure infrastructure like a dedicated fiber optic network provides a solid foundation, but when you interact with the outside world via email, cloud services or any other transmission of data, you need serious protection!
No single security tool works for every enterprise because each business has unique needs. The farmer uploading crop data to use cloud analytics has different needs than the hotelier providing secure internet to guests. The oil and gas company engaging in real-time site monitoring has different requirements than the retailer using big data or the financial institution managing countless online transactions.

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Navkar Enterprise ERP Solution

Do You Start your Day with mess of managing accounts of your organization?
Do you have any idea of the inventory available with your organization?
Are you able to manage the order flow and have list of your existing client set?
Do you have control on the finances of your business?
Is your organization Payroll Process automated?
If the answers of above questions makes you worried about your organization future than NAVKAR ERP SOLUTION is the very first thing that you need right now.

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